New Leaderboards are Up.

There are a bunch of new leaderboards available now. The class just turned in their first program this week. Well, it wasn’t their first program, but it was the first one where I expected (1) a specification, (2) pseudo-code, (3) test cases, (4) source-code, (5) sample output and (6) their own evaluation of how they did by scoring their program with our rubric.

There are 13 line items on the rubric. So each line item could have its own leaderboard. There are additional leaderboards for bonus features implemented, overall score and some combination of rubric items that are more interesting when they are combined than when listed separately  (there are, for instance, two line items for comments).

Students can see where they stand on each of these, but I don’t consider all of them useful additions as leaderboards, so I don’t think many of them will be featured on the home page. I haven’t created individual pages for each of them yet either. I imagine there might be some that don’t ever get a page of their own.

I decided to add eXperience Points, Over Achievers and Courageous Commenters to the home page. It looks like there will be some students who make Level 1 after this weekend (if I can get their second program graded).