Ridiculous Typos

So, I went to the Tech Crawl today at the Haymarket in Lincoln. I wanted to see if there were any local companies that would be interested in encouraging local programming students by offering some “loot” for when the students level up. I left “loot” pretty nebulous. Swag is nice, but a chance to do an internship or something else creative is cool.

Anyway, I was putting together a little flyer to hand out along with some of the game documents and I had an embarrassing number of typos in it. Truly horrendous stuff: misspellings, missing words, subject-verb agreement problems. Wrote it up and printed it off without a single proofread.

The good news is that I had some really positive responses to what we are doing. The bad news is that they will be reading that terrible flyer.

If anyone who read that is also reading this. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.